Roberto X. Torres-Torres is a visual artist currently living and working in Houston, Texas. He earned a BFA from The University Of Houston in 1997.

Working in media as varied as gouache, india ink, and oil paint Roberto X. Torres-Torres creates work that initiates a direct conversation with the viewer, who must decipher what it is they are seeing, whether in crisp black and white or in lurid color.
Because of this interplay between the artist and the viewer, Roberto's work has an immediate appeal that only grows with time as new narratives, forms, and ideas are exposed. The intent of many pieces is to suggest form, shape, and narrative content, without actually defining it. This is calculated by the artist to create work that, as he puts it, "keeps on giving." Works of art are lived with, and an image that continually delights with new visual surprises can be lived with for a long time.

Other pieces, such as Roberto's gouache paintings, create narratives that take time to ascertain, which nonetheless function as beautiful works visually.
Time is the 4th dimension, and humans are stuck inexorably in a linear existence. Roberto X. Torres-Torres creates art that rides along with you on the timewave, changing from moment to moment, even as it remains a static, two-dimensional work. That is the true power of Art. Art can show us what is beyond our normal experience. One must only take the time to look.
Roberto X. Torres-Torres has shown his work in both group and solo exhibitions in Houston, TX, and throughout the United States.  

To contact - robinstigator@gmail.com 


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